Lingoes 2.1

A multi-language dictionary that provides cross translation in over 80 languages
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Lingoes is a multi-language dictionary that provides cross translation in over 80 languages. It also offers users text translation in over 22 languages (requires internet connection), cursor-driven translation, index list group, text to speech option and online dictionary and encyclopedia service that can help to get more results in the Web. The cursor translation option lets Lingoes dictionary automatically recognize the word and provide its definition as soon as you move the cursor over it. Hotkeys will make your work with Lingoes dictionary faster and more convenient.
The words and text pronunciation feature can be very helpful in learning the pronunciations of the new words or in cases when you want to check yourself. This option is very convenient for the process of memorizing.
In addition to the text and word translation function, Lingoes provides users with such tools as Currency Converter (requires internet connection), Weights & Measures Converter, International Dialing Codes, International Time Zone Converter and Periodic Table of the Elements. It also offers useful appendices that include Periodic Table of the Elements, Calculator, Traditional Chinese & Simplified Chinese Conversion, Abbreviations and Irregular verbs.

Elena Udina
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  • Cross translation in over 60 languages.
  • Text translation in over 22 languages.
  • Cursor translation.
  • Words and Texts Pronunciation.
  • Free online dictionaries and encyclopedias
  • Useful additional tools and appendices


  • Text translation requires internet connection
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