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Lingoes is a language reference tool for Windows computers
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Lingoes is a language reference tool for Windows computers. It consists of a basic English dictionary which has quite a few words in it. On top of that, users can download a number of other free dictionaries from the website and use them in conjunction with the application. It is great that one can set his favorite dictionaries in the settings, so the results from that dictionary will pop-up first when a word is looked up.

Lingoes also doubles as translation software. It basically links most popular quick translation services on the web. So, if you have a word you want to translate, you can simply select one of the translators and the pair of languages. The program also has a plug-in for Firefox, so you can translate any text located therein. Lingoes also taps into the clipboard to look for text you may have copied and want to translate.

There is a section on the left side of the application called Appendices. Those are little extras that developers decided to include in the final package. There is a very complete page on phonetic symbols and there are quite simple explanations about their usage. There is also a calculator and a periodic table of elements.

Graphically, Lingoes does a great job of keeping it simple and thus it is very easy on the eye. The version 2.6.2 adds quite a few new features to the mix, most notably support for quick translation and mini windows that can be more easily moved. Also, the number of online dictionaries has grown a lot since the latest few versions.

José Fernández
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  • Support for lots of dictionaries
  • In-window translation
  • Firefox and clipboard integration
  • Very efficient GUI
  • Automatic translation
  • Pronunciation of words
  • IPA 2005


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